Monday, July 21, 2008

Fezrul Khan Jelatang Scandal Photos Tersebar

Fezrul Khan Jelatang Scandal Photos Tersebar

I finished watching the drama Jelatang on tv3. We have been following it since the second quarter of the show (when the girl, Suria started dating her own to-be step-father).

Jelatang is a story of Love, betrayal and hatred. Suria became attracted to her own stepfather, Razlan, after her mother refused to let her marry Zaid. Suria’s mother, Alima wouldn’t let Suria marry Zaid because Zaid is her ex-boyfriend’s son who used to rape her a long time ago. But she didn’t tell Suria the truth. Razlan tried to comfort Suria but in the end they fell for each other because Razlan didn’t get enough sexual attention from Alima since he’s 20 years younger than her.

Razlan role was been played by Fezrul Khan. Fezrul Khan is new comer in Malaysia entertainment scene. He was good acting as bad guys. Here some photos of Fezrul Khan with her girlfriend.

Fezrul Khan Details:

Full Name : Fezrul Khan Bin Junaidi
Place of birth : Kuala Lumpur
Race : Malay
Language : English, Malay
Career : Actor
Skill : Acting

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yen said...

Untuk:abg Fezrul
Dari:ADik keren

Hai,abg Fezrul.. Apa kabar.. Harap sht shja.......Sebenarnya saya suka lakonan Fezrul... Walaupun umur Saya 12 thn.. tapi abg boleh anggap saya sbgai adik.. Kalau ada msa kol adik kat no ni:0198455128... n, kalau boleh, abg boleh bg no handphone kol atau msj kat no tadi..HEHE..

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