Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ariel Peterpan buka baju in Pesta Malam Indonesia 2

Ariel Peterpan buka baju in Pesta Malam Indonesia 2

Konsert Pesta Malam Indonesia 2, the second edition of our successful Pesta Malam Indonesia concert event, which is showcases the best of the Indonesian music scene in Malaysia. Konsert Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 held at polo field at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club witness to performances by 6 of the big names from the Indonesian music scene. Things kick off as early as 10AM with activities organized by our sponsors with the concert itself starting at 3PM, and ending at midnight.

Indonesia Band Line Up:
  1. Dewi Dewi
  2. Peterpan
  3. Sheila On 7
  4. Slank
  5. Ungu
  6. Samsons
Malaysia Band Line Up:
  1. Hujan
  2. Meet Uncle Hussain

It very surprise me when Peterpan vocalist, Ariel buka baju (cloth off) when perform in Pesta Malam Indonesia 2. I hope Peterpan will be ban by Malaysia local authorities. It will be fair as Faizal Tahir also been banned because skandal buka baju in OIAM 2 concert.

Showcasing a diverse range of music by award winning Indonesian bands were a great experience for those with a passion for the Indonesian music scene, and a great introduction to our Malaysian music lovers who might not yet be familiar with Malaysia local band line-up. This is a great event hit the Malaysian music scene!

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Abu K said...

Faizal Tahir took off his shirt during a live television broadcast while there is no live broadcast for pesta indonesia. Furthermore, Ariel took off his shirt because it was hot. Faizal on the other hand took it off in efforts of trying to express his songs, i.e, deliberately tearing it open.
P/S: Please improve on your english writing skills. It is very disturbing to read a blog with poorly structured sentences in english while the writer gossips about artists. The blog reflects Malaysia. If the writer so wishes to gossip about other people's lives, at the very least, have a good command of english or atleast a correct one. If you want to get your message across, maybe write in Malay.

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