Friday, December 19, 2008

Ida Nerina Drink Liquor?

Ida Nerina Drink Liquor?

Ida Nerina love to be as ’socialite’ wannabe chicks. Her statement in TIME Magazine make her fans became shock and angry. Although, Ida Nerina loves to be as socialite and live as westerner, you must think before make any statement to public/press.

IDA NERINA, 44, actress

I'd start with an early dinner at Tamarind Springs, tel: (60-3) 4256 9300, which serves Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese food. It's set in the middle of lush gardens and has great service. After dinner, you can head to the clubs and bars on Asian Heritage Row — a strip of beautifully restored shophouses. Stop for champagne at Bar Blonde, tel: (60-3) 2691 1088. If you prefer a more cozy ambiance, try Palacio, tel: (60-3) 2692 0992. Heritage Mansion, tel: (60-3) 2698 8282, is for more serious clubbing. If I feel like giving the partying a miss, I might do something like meet my nearest and dearest for after-dinner drinks at Vintage Bank — a wine bar at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur, tel: (60-3) 2264 2264. If the mood takes us, we'll move on to the luscious Zeta Bar, which is also in the Hilton.


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Rudy said...

memang patut jatuh patah tulang belakang, itu pasal mabuk la tu. tak ingat dunia, dulu kat kelab mabuk jatuh terbuka kain pun tak ingat...teruk nak mampus. tolonglah jaga diri sikit...mengalahkan mat salleh. baik tukar agama je...

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