Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gambar Hetty Sarlene with boyfriend in Thailand

Gambar Hetty Sarlene with boyfriend in Thailand

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Hetty Sarlene updates her myspace photos recently, Hetty Sarlene with her loving boyfriend honeymoon in Thailand recently. Gossip said, Hetty Sarlene boyfriend is stewards for foreign airline in Singapore. Thailand so hot… Hetty Sarlene only wears tight baby t and short pants. What a hot sexy leg Hetty Sarlene got :)

Hetty Sarlene Biodata/Profile:

Commercial Name: Hetty Sarlene
Full Name : Hetty Sarlene Binti Abdul Hamid
Place of birth : Singapura, Jurong West
Race : Malay
Body type: 5' 3" / Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: Asian
Religion: Muslim
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Career : Actor, Singer
Skill : Acting, Singing

2008 : Evolusi KL Drift - (Supporting Actor)
2003 : Sembilu 2005 - (Main Actor)
2003 : Iskandar - (Supporting Actor)

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riz said...

Waduh waduh. Honeymoon dgn boyfren terang terang! Amacam nie? Hetty kau memang terrer laa.. With sexy legs somemore! Wow! Hu hu.

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